Cornell College offers fine arts awards for artists, thespians, dancers, and musicians who want to continue their craft into college. 

You don't have to be a fine arts major to earn a fine arts award.

Fine arts awards are stacked on top of your merit scholarship and will renew for up to four years if you meet participation requirements and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

All students intending to major or minor in a fine arts course of study should complete a fine art scholarship application.

How to apply

  1. Complete your admissions application and be admitted to Cornell College. 
  2. Complete your fine arts scholarship application
  3. Complete your audition if you are seeking a dance, music, or theatre scholarship. And if you are seeking the art scholarship, you'll need to submit an art portfolio. (You can provide us a link on your fine arts scholarship application.)


Please indicate your audition preference in your application and link any necessary video audition recordings as needed.

There are three ways you can complete an audition. 

  • Register for one of our upcoming audition days, which we have a couple of times a year. Please contact us for details.
  • Schedule an individual visit to see our campus and audition during your visit. You'll need to speak to our visual and performing arts recruiter about scheduling your audition to fit it within your individual visit itinerary. 
  • Or send us a link to your audition videos, which you can supply on your fine arts scholarship application form. 

For any questions regarding fine arts scholarships or programs, contact Evelyn Rush our visual and performing arts recruiter.

Which fine arts scholarship most interests you?