The Cornell 健康的网络 is comprised of several departments on campus who collaborate with one another, while each offers unique services.

Collectively, their work supports students and student success. Their programming focuses on individual, group, and community efforts supporting:


Mindfulness and stress reduction

Mindfulness and stress reduction are at the forefront of the work of the well-being network. By offering activities to help students reduce stress, 培养健康的生活习惯, and spaces to prioritize purposeful living, the network has a number of offerings. A snapshot of these activities include:

  • Weekly meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • Weekly stress reduction yoga classes
  • RAM (Recognition, Awareness, and Mindful openness) workshops
  • 灵气会话
  • Biofeedback availability
  • 宠物疗法的一天
  • 无压力区


身体健康 is significant to the work of these offices. Whether looking at exercise, 校园娱乐, or working with an acute or ongoing health concern, departments within the network can assist in helping you to feel better. A snapshot of physical well-being opportunities include:

  • 校园娱乐
  • 组运动课程
  • Injury or illness-related appointments
  • Nutrition information and workshops
  • Health screenings, vaccinations, and sexual health information
  • Travel health information and preparation


The academic rigor of the block plan can sometimes be a challenge for a particular course, or adjusting to the pace of the block. The network offers a number of experiences to help you succeed in the classroom, including:

  • Note taking, test preparation, study skills, time management, and test anxiety workshops
  • Assistance in developing individual academic plans
  • Creating learning contracts
  • Tutoring and support offices
  • Assistance for accommodations that are documented

Relationship well-being

公共生活, either in the residence halls, 校园, or with close friends can sometimes strain relationships. We seek to support the development of healthy relationships with one another through various campus-wide and individual counseling events. Further opportunities to engage in relationship well-being include:

  • 出城活动
  • 室友协议
  • Hygge
  • Forgiveness and other workshops
  • 个别咨询


Regardless of a student’s spiritual or religious path, a number of ways to engage in spiritual growth and well-being exist through the network. In addition to connecting students to local religious communities, the network offers:

  • Spiritual and pastoral care and counseling
  • Being Peace - an interspiritual prayer gathering
  • Christian ecumenical gatherings
  • Retreats, workshops, and lectures
  • A number of student organizations


Many students find themselves needing to develop some basic skills in order to succeed at Cornell and beyond. Some of the skills the network helps students to develop include:

  • 与老师交谈
  • 写一封电子邮件
  • Scheduling appointments and calling insurance companies
  • 睡眠教育
  • 时间管理
  • Workshops on managing anxiety and depression


At the end of each block, Cornell students have a unique opportunity to reset and incorporate new habits for the next 18 (class) day period. We design ways for them to spend parts of the break between classes, referred to as block break, in one of three categories: Rejuvenate, 探索, 和准备. 最终, the network believes that by engaging in these three categories, (and practicing our REPs), we can continue to build our capacity towards a healthy campus environment.

Rejuvenate: spend time with friends, 睡觉, or attending one of our many 出城活动 to continue to build relationships with one another. Head on a rejuvenating 精神生活 retreat to center yourself and work on relaxing.

探索: join the Berry Career Institute on a Career Tour, head home with a friend to a city where you’ve never been or join us in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City for a Get Outta Town event.

Prepare: pick up those textbooks for the next course, stop by the Berry Career Institute to talk about internships or fellowships, 将GRE考试, or even catch up on laundry.

Additional well-being services

In addition to these areas of well-being, we are able to offer access to additional well-being services. 这些包括:

  • 远程精神病治疗: 学生 wishing to use telepsychiatry services need to schedule an appointment with the counseling center in order to determine if telepsychiatry would be appropriate.
  • Transportation to specialized medical appointments: transportation to medical and mental health appointments in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area can be scheduled by contacting the Health Center (319.895.4292). Appointments should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.